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Scared and Afraid

Scared and Afraid

Who Are You?

The numbers of people who consider themselves spiritual but not “religious” are growing year by year. Whether you are connected to a particular faith tradition or are following your own spiritual path, there are times when you need a helping hand, a listening ear, an open heart – to offer connection, relief, and a way forward.

The fact is, we are living in particularly unsettled times. Americans are unsure about the safety of their families, finances, and communities. At the same time, many are facing life-altering situations of their own that can include their or a family member’s health crisis, loss of a loved one, troubled relationships, or isolation due to age, illness or any number of factors in their personal lives. Any of these things can lead to worry and fear about current circumstances and what the future may bring.

Whatever our beliefs and values, these emotions are a symptom of spiritual distress. Spiritual distress is a disruption in our beliefs or value system, and can affect our entire being when we are unable to connect to sources of meaning, hope, comfort, strength or when conflict occurs between our beliefs and what is happening in our lives. At times, we can feel not only fear and worry, but discouragement and a sense of isolation.

Someone to Talk To

HealthCare Chaplaincy Network hears from people every day who are struggling to face the fear in their own lives, or hoping to help another who is suffering from illness, addiction, depression, or other difficulties that challenge us to our core. Our line is open to people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and worldviews, and is not restricted to addressing one particular type of problem.

HCCN offers a place to turn for anyone seeking support, understanding, and an end to isolation that is sometimes fueled by fear or despair. Our spiritual care counselors are available by phone, email or video call, to provide one-on-one support for people seeking someone to confide in.

To connect with this free and confidential service, click on the link at the upper right to our Chat with a Counselor helpline

How Else Are We Helping?

At HealthCare Chaplaincy Network, we are committed to making a greater difference in this world of ever-increasing need. Indeed, our services are more in demand than ever before.

  • In 2017, we added six new hospitals – in New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island – to those where we care for the spiritual, existential and emotional needs of patients, their families, and medical staff.
  • We are teaching increasing numbers of nurses, social workers, doctors, and administrators about the value of what we broadly call spiritual care – that is, attending to patients’ heartfelt values and deepest concerns in the context of their health care.
  • We are developing and sharing best practices so patients’ spiritual and emotional needs are met effectively, with the benefit of the latest research and experience in the field.
  • We are sharing our resources with organizations in 16 countries, some of which are just beginning to integrate spiritual care into their health care systems.

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